Disclaimer: This website is a prototype application under development to evaluate various seasonal load restriction models for Michigan roadways. It is a product of an ongoing joint research project between the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and Michigan Technological University. This is an evolving prototype and is not used for the placement and removal of seasonal load restrictions.

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Temperature, F/T indices & SLR predictions

Time series graphs showing average temperature, freezing/thawing index, and spring load restriction (SLR) predictions by ZIP code.

Freeze/thaw depths

Time series graph of freeze/thaw depths for a selected ZIP code, county, or RWIS station.

Map of freeze/thaw indices

View freeze/thaw index contour lines for a selected date on a map of Michigan.

Maximum freezing depth contour

A contour map showing the maximum freezing depth across Michigan for a selected date.

RWIS data portal

Access Road Weather Information System (RWIS) station data in Michigan. Select a station to retrieve its associated weather and soils data.
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